Macs and iPhones are tools that offer the promise of a more organized, creative and connected life. Ideally, using these tools can save time and make us more productive.

However, the experience of many users is quite the opposite. They may find more frustration than productivity and actually take more time to do a task with the machine than to do it manually.

This should come as no surprise. Just as purchasing fine woodworking tools doesn’t make one into a master craftsman, and buying a guitar does not make one Eric Clapton, one should not expect to purchase a Mac or iPhone and magically be able to use it like a pro.

These are complex open-ended tools that require configuration to suit specific purposes.  Wonderful software packages are available for almost any task you can imagine, but they require a trained user to get the most out of them.

Bitwize Computing specializes in helping you to get the most from your computer investment with personalized device configuration, student-paced training, and both on-site and remote support options.


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